There are many reasons to keep bees. Here are the main reasons people keep them:

Honey Production – Honey is the human race’s oldest sweet. A new keeper should NOT expect to harvest any substantial honey until at least the colony’s second or third year. Leave it all for the bees to survive. Honey is like money in their bank. A full size colony needs about 27 kg (60 lb) of easily accessible ripened honey to get through the winter.

Beeswax, Mead And Hive Products – Honey to produce mead (honey wine) enables one to control the entire mead-making process.

Beeswax is the only natural wax produced by bees. This does not interrupt pollination, honey production, or colony success, rather it’s a natural product only bees can produce.

Pollination – Bees are the key to ensure that fruit, berry, vine and seed crops are well pollinated. Honey bees are often the easiest pollinator to provide in large numbers.

Sell Bees (Packages, Nuclei and Queens) – Beekeeping companies profit from the sale of packaged bees, nucleus hives, and queen bees.

The focus of Project Bees is POLLINATION. Imagine living in a world without flowers or fruit or even coffee or chocolate for that matter. Thanks to the wonderful work of pollinators like bees, much of the food we eat and flowers and plants we enjoy are possible. Project Bees purpose is to launch beekeepers with a focus to increase pollinators.

FYI- it’s not just bees that are doing all the work. butterflies, birds, beetles, bats, hummingbirds wasps and even flies are important in the pollination process. But despite the importance of pollinators, they are taken for granted all too often. Worldwide, there is an alarming decline in pollinator populations. Excessive use of pesticides and an ever-expanding conversion of landscapes to human use are the biggest culprits.