Mission accomplished - bees transferedApril 2 Saturday – My Bees arrived at Greenstreet Nursery in Lothian MD via Azure B LLC all the way from Tennessee. A 3 lb box containing up to 8,000 hungry tired bees.

Azure demonstrated a hive installation as all beekeepers, seasoned and novice, observed…. unprotected; in fact, no one wore any protective gear.

Stefano was stung once on the hand.  I too was stung reaching in my pocket unaware it was occupied…. I was happy that I had no reaction.

Stefano - Bees on hand

We placed the bees in the back of our wagon with a few stragglers outside the box taking flight in the car as we drove away.

FOOD – This was an area that made me nervous…a lot of differing sugar: water ratio recipes out there. Not feeling comfortable feeding bees white sugar when I try to avoid it myself. I had to have something when they arrived so I mixed a concoction the night before and placed it in the hive.

On the way back to DC the food issue continued to haunt me. After talking to some seasoned beekeepers regarding what they feed, we decided to try what they call ‘pollen patties’. It’s a patty, a small pancake, which consists of a raw honey and fresh pollen mixture.

I have 2 roof top hives, a Top Bar hive and the more traditional looking Langstroth. This box of bees went in the Top Bar.

INSTALLATION – Unfortunately, I lost a few under my shoe but the rest made it.

Chris removing can from packageSetting up Top Comb hive on roof - transfering bees

Now it’s all about keeping the buzz!

April 5 Tuesday – Hive check. All looks good. The queen appears to be released though I did not see her. The bees have already begun creating comb. So far so good…. but I know anything may happen. Here today, gone tomorrow!