HeidiMeet Heidi Briguglio. Owner, farmer, beekeeper at Azure B Farms in southern Maryland. In one weekend of discussion, this fascinating woman changed my entire perspective on beekeeping.

I attended a class at Greenstreet Gardens (a sweet nursery in Alexandria, Virginia) for more beekeeping 411. It’s never a question of gathering enough info on bees because I’ve realized there is so much to know… and my attitude is, bring it on…but my perspective as a beekeeper has completely done a 180. I looked at beekeeping as a challenge to keep my bees alive and ideally avoid mites, disease, swarming, etc. and eventually having my bees produce enough honey for friends and family.

Now, I view beekeeping no differently than keeping a family pet…. Dog, cat.

As I realized listening to the questions and other perspectives from my fellow students, beekeeping even for the backyard beekeeper is ultimately about honey production…. For me honey now is merely bee food for the winter. If there is overflow then it’s mine but other than that…all for the bees. Granted, can’t pet or throw a ball with a bee, but you can observe and experience their unique infrastructure and their incredible habits and wonder.